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Another version of this phone was released in the Republic of Korea (South Korea) on June 1, 2005. This version has the similar physical appearance as the original V3 but instead of GSM, it is a CDMA phone for SK Telecom. It is the first CDMA version of the Razr without the expandable memory, Bluetooth and SIM card, since Motorola Korea's system was able to produce its own model before worldwide GSM format release. It has a 1. 3-megapixel camera, video recording, 80 MB of internal memory and a variety of UI features, such as mobile blog, Yoga graphic book, Diet diary and lottery number generator for Wellness theme. It also comes in colors other than those mentioned above. Black, pink, and lime models are seen around Korea. On February 8, 2006 Motorola Korea released its own slide-phone model for the Razr named Z model name MS600. Unlike most other versions, the MS500 version is packaged with a charging dock and has three metal terminals on the back side immediately under the battery cover.